DQC co-hosted the IQT Nordics 2023 conference

Danish Quantum Community co-hosted the first ever IQT Nordics conference in Copenhagen

In partnership with Invest in Denmark and Inside Quantum Technology, DQC invited 200+ people from the Danish, Nordic and international quantum community to three days full of quantum insights in sunny Copenhagen.

Highlights from the conference include:

The DQC chair Jan W. Thomsen and the Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Morten Bødskov  welcomed the guests and DQC hosted a welcome reception for all participants on the first night

DQC had its own booth at the conference to showcase the solutions and facilities of the DQC partners

Two full days of sessions and keynotes covering all areas of quantum technologies

… and much more!

All fields within quantum were part of the programme

The conference begun with a bird’s-eye view of the quantum landscape with keynotes from Salil Gunanshar of RAND Europe; Illyas Khan from Quantinuum; David DiVincenzo from Jülich Research Center; and Lene Oddershede of Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Day 2 was divided into four sessions:

Session 1: Quantum Innovation and Startups: After a series of talks from DTU Entrepreneurship, IQM and QuantrolOx, the DQC member Jonatan Kutchinsky of Quantum Machines joined a panel with Quantscient and Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Quantum Algorithms and Use Cases: The sessions was kicked off by Cathal Mahon of Novo Nordisk Foundation, followed by keynotes and talks from IBM Quantum, Algorithmiq and UCPH Quantum Hub, ending with a panel discussion.

Quantum Compontents and Sub-Systems: Speakers from Quantum Machines, Bluefors and NKT Photonics gave an expert insight into quantum computing, cryogenic quantum measurement systems, and quantum optics. This was followed by a panel with NKT Photonics, Sparrow Quantum, SemiQon and VTT.

Quantum Sensing: The final session of the day had talks from Bosch Quantum Sensing, SandboxAQ, Hans Stærkind from Niels Bohr Institute, and NIST.

Day 3 – and the final conference day – also consisted of four sessions:

Quantum Computing Hardware: Talks from Aalto University, DFM, QuEra showcased the potentials of QT fidelity and the use of QT in computing and metrology. This was followed by a panel with Niels Bohr Institute, QuantWare, Atlantic Quantum and WACQT.

Funding of Quantum Innovation: The session took a step back from the technical discussions towards a more business-oriented approach with perspectives from Quantum Delta NL, Quantonation and Vsquared Ventures. The funding potentials for quantums were then discussed by a panel of QuIC, QED-C, Quantonation, Vsquared Ventures and Molecular Quantum Solutions.

Quantum Programs and Projects in the Nordics: Focusing on national initiatives from the Nordics, Peter Krogstrup (Denmark), Katia Gallo (NQCIS, Sweden) and Aare Magnus Bruaset (Norway) gave an insight into how their countries work strategically to develop QT. This was followed by a panel with Chalmers University of Technology, DTU, Simula Research Laboratory and Business Finland.

Quantum-Inspired Computing and Use Cases: Four talks on quantum-inspired computing were given by Kvantify, Fujitsu, KPMG and ITU. The talks showcased the many ways that quantum principles can be used in quantum-inspired computing, whether that is optimizing specific technologies or developing quantum-inspired algorithms.

The next IQT Nordics conference is set to take place in Finland in June 2024!

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