Announcement: Danish Quantum Community’s Board of Directors 2024-2025

Danish Quantum Community hosted our annual General Assembly on June 20th, 2024, for all DQC partners and members.

Looking back at the past year, it is truly remarkable to see how the quantum agenda has taken center stage in Denmark and how the ecosystem has grown. As mentioned in the Chairmanship’s report, DQC has grown with 10 new partners in 2023 and expanded our activities with a special focus on quantum awareness and applications.

Thank you to all the partners who joined us at the General Assembly and to every DQC partner for the support you have shown us and continue to show us.

DQC has elected its Board of Directors for 2024-2025

Members of the DQC Board of Directors are elected for a two-year period, where half of the seats in the Board must be up for election every year. This year, seven seats in the Board of Directors were up for election at the General Assembly.

The following persons were elected to the DQC Board of Directors:

  • Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Lydia Baril, Quantum DTU
  • Michael Kjær, DFM – Danish National Metrology Institute
  • Natasha Friis Saxberg, The Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen)
  • Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard, Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv)
  • Nikolaj Zinner, Aarhus University
  • Ulrich Hoff, Kvantify

A big congratulations on the election to all members and a warm welcome to the new members of the BoD, Lydia Baril, Michael Kjær and Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard.

Further, the following members of the BoD were automatically re-elected to the Board of Directors, cf. the DQC Articles of Association:

  • Andreas Espersen, Danish Industry
  • Bent Dalager, KPMG
  • Cathal J. Mahon, Deep Tech Lab – Quantum
  • Jan B. Lillelund, IBM
  • Jan W. Thomsen, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Constitution of the new Board of Directors

After the election, the new Board of Directors convened for the constitution of the chairmanship and the cashier. The following were elected:

  • Jan W. Thomsen was re-elected as Chairman of DQC
  • Natasha Friis Saxberg was re-elected as Vicechairperson of DQC
  • Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen was re-elected as cashier of DQC.

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