Quantum in practice: Current industry applications

Please note: This event is in Danish

🌟 Get ready to dive into the world of quantum computing 🌟

Are you curious about cutting-edge research and real-world applications of quantum technology? Look no further! Join us for an afternoon filled with insights and inspiration as we explore the potentials of quantum computing.

Four leading companies working in quantum computing will share their work and showcase real-world use cases for quantum computing and quantum-inspired computing. From computational problems to chemistry and optimization, the talks will highlight how quantum computing is reshaping industries and solving today’s challenges for companies and society.

Whether you’re a quantum enthusiast or just curious about the potentials of quantum technologies, this event will show you the many ways in which quantum computing can be applied to revolutionize our industries and society for good 🚀

This is a joint event co-hosted by Danish Quantum Community, DIREC, DigitalLead and IDA.

13.00-13.10 | Welcome and opening remarks
13.10-13.40 | Presentation and Q&A with Mark Jones, Co-Founder & CEO/CTO, Molecular Quantum Solutions
13.40-14.10 | Presentation and Q&A with Janus Wesenberg, Head of Research, Kvantify
14.10-14.20 | Coffee break
14.20-14.50 | Presentation and Q&A with Bent Dalager, Partner and Nordic Responsible for NewTech, KPMG
14.50-15.20 | Presentation and Q&A with Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Founder and CEO, QPurpose
15.20-15.50 | Panel discussion
15.50-16.00 | Closing remarks
15.50-16.30 | Everyone is welcome to stay for networking and a glass of wine

SDU Quantum Hub opening

Join University of Southern Denmark for the opening of their new Quantum Hub.

At the opening event, you will get a glimpse into how SDU Quantum Hub works and the hub’s coming activities. Further, the event presents a unique opportunity to get an overview of Denmark’s quantum hubs with talks from 6 university representatives from all over Denmark who will share how their quantum research.

13:00 Welcome by SDU Quantum Hub Director Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen

13:05 Presentations of quantum research activities at:
• NBI, Professor Klaus Mølmer
• DTU, Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen
• ITU, Associate Professor Michael Kastoryano
• AU, Professor Birgit Schiøtt
• AAU, Professor Torben Larsen
• KU, Professor Matthias Christandl

15:25 Coffee break

15:40 Presentation of the SDU Quantum Hub by Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen

16:10 Addresses by TEK Dean, Professor Henrik Bindslev, NAT Dean, Professor Marianne Holmer & Rector, Professor Jens Ringsmose

16:30 Reception

22/09/2023 - 22/09/2023
13:00 - 17:00

Innovation Fund Denmark webinar on Quantum Technology Call under Grand Solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark will present the new Quantum Technology Call under Grand Solutions.

The call has a total budget of at least 116.3 million DKK (approx. 17 million USD).

The upcoming call will offer funding for foundational quantum research as well as partnerships with companies in all fields of quantum technology including hardware, materials, software, and algorithms.

The call aims to support both industry and research to promote research in applied quantum technologies and the potentials for commercialization of quantum technologies in Denmark.

Applications can be submitted until October 5th. The call is a modified Grand Solutions call. Successful applicants can receive funding from 5 million DKK to 40 million DKK.


18/08/2023 - 18/08/2023
13:00 - 15:00


Innovation Talk: The Danish Quantum Ecosystem

On August 17th, Innovation Center Denmark is hosting an online innovation talk about the Danish Quantum Ecosystem.

In the webinar, ICDK will tune into the Danish quantum technology ecosystem and highlight recent initiatives such as the Danish National Quantum Strategy, the NATO DIANA Accelerator and Innovation Fund Denmark’s current calls on international quantum collaborations. We will also get insights from Israeli/US startup Quantum Machines on their growth journey and their experiences in engaging with the Danish Quantum Ecosystem.


16.30-16.35: Welcome and introduction by Innovation Centre Denmark
16.35-16.55: Denmark’s National Quantum Strategy by Tine Hasling Rasmussen & Benedikta Harris, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Higher Education and Science
16.55-17.15: The NATO DIANA Accelerator by Deep Tech Lab – Quantum
17.15-17.35: Quantum Innovation Calls by Jens Peter Vittrup, Innovation Fund Denmark
17.35-17.55: Quantum Machines – A growth journey by Yonatan Cohen, CTO
17.55-18.00: Wrap-up and thank you for today

17/08/2023 - 17/08/2023
16:30 - 18:00


DQC General Assembly 2023

Danish Quantum Community invites all partners and members to participate in our annual General Assembly. All partners and individual members of DQC are invited to the General Assembly and have all received a calendar invite. If you are a partner/member and you have not received an invitation, please let us know at

At the GA, we will elect new members for the DQC Board of Directors for 2023/2024 and present the annual account 2021-2022.

1. Welcome and BoD’s report by chair Jan W. Thomsen and vicechair Natasha Friis Saxberg
2. Approval of the agenda
3. Appointment of the Chair
4. Appointment of minute taker (Suggestion: Meeting minutes are taken by the Secretariat)
5. Election of new members to the Board and alternates
Break and counting of votes
6. Announcement of election results
7. Presentation of annual account 2021-2022
8. Election of auditor
a. Proposal to elect PwC as auditor
9. Any other business
10. Constitution of the board (only for the newly elected board)

21/06/2023 - 21/06/2023
16:00 - 17:00

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