New report by UFM benchmarking quantum research in Denmark

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published a report benchmarking quantum research in Denmark, with a particular focus on the interaction between universities and industry.

The report will serve as a basis for a future quantum-research strategy and discussions regarding the distribution of funding in 2023.

The work uncovers the extent and the character of the research carried out in the field, strengths, and weaknesses of the development of the research, the universities’ interaction with industry, commercialization of the research, the development of competencies, and Denmark’s international collaboration in the field.

The main conclusions of the report:

  • Danish quantum research is in many respects world-renowned and is internationally recognized.
  • Funding from public and private foundations as well as the EU has played a significant role in the progress of Danish quantum-research
  • The need for basic research remains, yet there is also a growing need for strategic research
  • The interaction between universities and industry is dominated by collaborations with large – especially international companies or very small specialized companies – such as spin-outs from the universities.
  • From the companies’ side, a lack of knowledge and attention regarding the potential as well as the lack of innovation- and start-up environment may pose a challenge to future progress
  • The continued development of research and test infrastructure is paramount to maintaining the strong research- and innovation environment within the field of quantum. This goes for universities, Danish GTOs (Approved Technological Services), and companies.
  • The report gives a detailed account of the Universities’ quantum research, research grants within the quantum field as well as an international outlook.

The full report (in Danish) can be found here.

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