Explainer: Denmark’s national quantum strategy (part 2)

200 million DKK to be invested in commercializing quantum technologies in Denmark

After a two-year intense effort, Denmark has landed a new ambitious National Strategy for Quantum Technology to harness the commercial potentials of quantum technology. The strategy focuses on commercialization, security and international collaboration in the field of quantum technology.

In the strategy, the Danish government allocates DKK 50 million every year from 2024-2027 to support the commercialization of quantum technology and increase security and international collaboration within the field of quantum technology.

The second part of a two-fold national quantum strategy for Denmark

The first part of the strategy focuses on research and innovation as a foundation to realize the potentials of quantum technologies and strengthen Denmark’s role as an international frontrunner in the global quantum technology race.

The second part of the strategy sets out an ambition to realize the potentials for development, commercialization, and application of quantum technologies in Denmark.

The second part of the strategy highlights three areas that the Danish Government will seek to strengthen:

Focus area 1: Commercialising quantum technology

Initiative 1: Quantum House Denmark

The Danish government will establish a Quantum House Denmark. With this initiative, the government intends to create a common meeting point for key quantum stakeholders in Denmark – from researchers and startups to established companies and investors – to accelerate the development of quantum technology.

As part of this initiative, the government and Novo Nordisk Foundation will establish a national test center for quantum technology to provide access to cutting-edge equipment for research institutions, startups and companies working with quantum technology.

Initiative 2: Establishing a national Quantum Fund  

The government will establish a European quantum fund in partnership with Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund (EIFO). The fund will be located in Denmark and will support Quantum House Denmark.

Initiative 3: Activating the Danish quantum strongholds through use cases and demonstrator projects

Building upon the legacy of Niels Bohr, Denmark is a world leader within quantum research. Now, the time has come to turn our research results into products to allow industries to utilize quantum technologies.

To do so, Denmark will initiate the development of new use cases and demonstrator projects to showcase the potentials for quantum technologies to help solve societal challenges and improve industries.

Initiative 4: Expanding the quantum talent pool

The government will provide funding from 2024 to allow higher education institutions to offer new courses and other educational offers on quantum science. Further, an international summer school focusing on quantum science will be established to allow foreign talents to experience the emerging quantum ecosystem at Danish universities and in industries.

Initiative 5: National Forum for Quantum Technology

The Danish Government will establish a National Forum consisting of key actors from Danish research institutions, public and private funds, startups and companies to facilitate dialogue within the Danish quantum ecosystem in relation to the strategy.

The National Forum will advise the Government on the strategy and its implementation.

Focus area 2: Security as a foundation in the Danish quantum technological development

Initiative 6: Strengthening Denmark’s critical digital infrastructure against the threat of quantum technologies

Denmark will establish a new secretariat to tackle the new security threats arising from the use of quantum technologies. The secretariat will serve as an advisor on quantum threats to companies and research institutions to increase their ability to mitigate new challenges created by quantum technology.

Initiative 7: Increased security in the Danish quantum ecosystem

The national intelligence service PET will act as an advisor to ensure information exchange about quantum security between Danish authorities and the quantum ecosystem in Denmark. Further, local security organizations will be created in the quantum ecosystem to increase knowledge sharing to ensure that security is a strategic priority for developers of quantum technology in Denmark. Part of this work will be facilitated by Kvanteteknologisk Sikkerhedsforum (National Security Forum on Quantum Technology).

Initiative 8: Effective regulation and protection of quantum technology

Building the right framework conditions for quantum companies is crucial to commercialize this emerging technology. Some quantum technologies are already subject to regulation by Danish authorities. The government will initiate a state-led effort to ensure that companies have access to proper guidance from Danish authorities and that companies can get information about export controls and investment screenings.

Focus area 3: Promoting Danish quantum interests internationally

Initiative 9: Denmark as a European leader in developing quantum technology

Denmark has the potential to become a leader within Europe on the development of quantum technologies. Thus, Denmark will increase our engagement with quantum initiatives in EU to leave a Danish mark on the EU inner market on quantum technology and promote supportive regulation, access to capital, infrastructure and skilled workers for the quantum industry.

Initiative 10: International Quantum Hub to strengthen Denmark’s strategic quantum partnerships

International partnerships will be key to strengthening the Danish quantum ecosystem and accelerating the development of quantum technologies nationally and globally. To remain a key stakeholder in the global quantum ecosystem, the Danish government will establish a new Quantum Hub to promote Denmark as a quantum nation and build new strategic partnerships with like-minded countries. This includes partnerships with EU and NATO countries. The Quantum Hub will furthermore work to attract foreign quantum companies and quantum talents to Denmark by building a strong Danish presence in the global quantum ecosystem.

Initiative 11: Danish footprint on international quantum standards

Denmark will work to play a bigger role in the EU effort to create international standard for quantum technologies. A strategic effort to bring together researchers, authorities, innovation projects and standardization to support the development of quantum standards will be the foundation of Denmark’s engagement with the EU’s standardization program 2024.

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