Explainer: Denmark’s national quantum strategy (part 1)

1 billion DKK to be invested in Danish quantum research 

In June 2023, the Danish Government published the first part of Denmark’s national quantum strategy, focusing on how Denmark can retain its position as a global leader in quantum research.

With the strategy, the Danish Government is committed to invest 1 billion DKK into quantum research and innovation from 2023 to 2027; an annual investment of approx. 250 million DKK.

Part of a two-fold national quantum strategy for Denmark

The first part of the strategy focuses on research and innovation as a foundation to realize the potentials of quantum technologies and strengthen Denmark’s role as an international frontrunner in the global quantum technology race.

The second part of the strategy is going to be published in the fall of 2023 and will spotlight the potentials for development, commercialization, and application of quantum technologies in Denmark. Follow Danish Quantum Community to learn more about the strategies.

The first part of the strategy highlights three areas that the Danish Government will seek to strengthen.

Focus area 1: Long-term and strategic investments in research and innovation

Initiative 1: A new strategic programme for quantum research and innovation

Denmark will increase strategic investments into quantum research and quantum technologies through Innovation Fund Denmark. The programme will cover a broad range of quantum research from basic research to applied quantum technologies with the aim of highlighting how quantum technologies can contribute to solving societal issues, developing talent, fostering international collaboration and supporting  cross-disciplinary research.

The program will also focus on converting quantum research into research-based startups and creating standards for quantum technologies.

Initiative 2: Establishing a National Forum for Quantum Technologies

The Danish Government will establish a National Forum consisting of key actors from Danish research institutions, public and private funds, startups and companies to facilitate dialogue within the Danish quantum ecosystem in relation to the strategy.

The National Forum will advise the Government on the strategy and its implementation.

Initiative 3: Strengthening of quantum innovation

Companies need to become more aware of the value proposition of quantum technologies. To ensure this, the national clusters and other research and innovation projects will help facilitate information sharing about quantum technology with Danish companies through collaboration and matchmaking activities.

Focus area 2: International research and innovation collaborations to benefit Denmark

Initiative 4: Denmark as a dedicated participant in EU collaboration

The Government will support Danish participation in the Horizon Europe partnerships that require national co-financing. Denmark has already co-financed part of the EuroQCI project through the agreement on the national research reserve 2023.

The initiative also includes supporting Danish participation in Horizon Europe work programmes and supporting Danish applications to quantum programmes within EU.

Initiative 5: Global collaboration to focus on Danish interests and risks

International collaboration is a key driving force of quantum innovation. As quantum technologies has been interlinked with geopolitical and security concerns, it has become key that international collaborations are founded in accordance with the URIS guidelines. Denmark will collaborate with like-minded countries and NATO allies with quantum research strongholds.

The Government also wants to improve information about international quantum collaborations and the attraction of talent, knowledge and capital through foreign investments in Denmark.

Initiative 6: Focus on quantum technologies in European space partnership

Utilizing quantum technologies in space will play a key role in optimization in the energy sector and the transport/logistics sector. The Government will support Danish participation in EU space programmes such as the ESA Earth Observation Programmes (EOP) and the EuroQCI project.

Focus area 3: Improved access to digital research infrastructure

Initiative 7: Access to quantum computers

As part of the DeiC programme, Denmark will work to increase access for researchers and students to quantum computer platforms. In the agreement on the Danish research reserve 2023, 50 mio. DKK were set aside to increase user access to quantum computers.

Initiative 8: A national effort to build quantum competencies

Connected to Initiative 7, Denmark has initiated a national effort to increase quantum competencies to benefit Danish research and innovation. The initiative is hosted under DeiC that will enter into strategic partnerships with other organizations to increase knowledge about quantum technologies among Danish companies.

Initiative 9: Quantum Excellence Center for developing and testing of quantum algorithms

Through the DeiC programme, the Danish Government is working to attract a Quantum Excellence Center to Denmark. This will allow Denmark to lead an European consortium to develop and test quantum software and quantum algorithms.

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