Danish Government plans to launch a new Digitalization strategy

In early May, the government presented its new digitization strategy, which will set the direction for Denmark’s digitization in the coming years.

Denmark, being one of the most digitized countries in the world, has a unique opportunity to translate new technologies and solutions into benefits for the general public and for companies. Digital solutions open up for better welfare; it accelerates the green transition and boosts growth and export. The new Digitalization strategy will set the direction for the future of the digital society in Denmark.

Development of Quantum Technology is mentioned in the strategy, that writes:

“The Danish Government will bridge the gap between research and business by promoting the development of quantum technology in Denmark. The Danish research in quantum Technology is world-leading in several areas, and the government will promote research within cybersecurity as well as quantum solutions within different lines of industry – including the future of medicine, the green transition as well as defense and security.

From 2023 to 2026, 18 mio. DKK has been allocated to the strategic effort within quantum technology.

To read more (in danish), visit: The Ministry of Finance

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