The Danish Business Authority has published a report mapping the ecosystem for quantum technology in Denmark

In a new report published by the Danish Business Authority, the ecosystem for quantum technology in Danish businesses has been mapped. The map provides an overview and better understanding of the ecosystem’s activities, challenges, and opportunities. The report is based on interviews with 18 different companies and other relevant actors. The report derives six main conclusions from the interviews:

There is a need for increased knowledge-sharing and indication of opportunities for potential new users of quantum technology.

There is a demand for increased knowledge-sharing across the different levels in the Danish quantum environment. Universities are also looking to collaborate more closely with authorities and businesses that are concerned with quantum technologies.

The use of technology must be promoted.

Several companies point to the fact that the technology already can be used for instance in quantum sensing and simulations – this has to be promoted.

More venture capital to commercialize the technology.

Even though it has proven possible to get funding from Innovation Fund Denmark and the EU for development projects, smaller companies need more venture capital to upscale, develop and commercialize the technology

Retain and attract large international tech companies.

Both IBM and Microsoft have already placed their development offices in Denmark. To develop quantum technology, we need to retain talents in Denmark, that is why Denmark must be an attractive host for large tech companies.

The ecosystem for startups should be strengthened.

We need to better the conditions for start-ups and spin-outs. Several companies point to Great Britain, The Netherlands, Israel, and the USA for their strategies for commercializing the technology.

We need a common political and strategic direction.

There is a need for a common direction that unites all of the fragmented activities within the field. A shared political and strategic direction that supports the upscale of quantum technology as well as its commercialization of it.

To read the full report (in danish) press here: Kortlægning af økosystemet for kvanteteknologi i dansk erhvervsliv

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