“Quantum Meets Society” – new event series launched by UCPH

University of Copenhagen launches new quantum events series

The Quantum Revolution 2.0 is underway and will change our society in ways that we are unable to grasp. Quantum computers, quantum mechanics and quantum communication are often named as solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges – whether that is the green transition, healthcare, security or something else. Today, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists are working intensely to develop the world’s first fully functional quantum computer. The potential is huge – but what happens when quantum technologies interact with society?

How does quantum technology work, and how will the relationship between quantum technology, people and society take shape? How will it influence international politics and security? And will we be able to regulate such an abstract technology?

In this event series hosted by University of Copenhagen, quantum researchers engage in conversation with researchers from social sciences to explore the potentials, challenges and missing links in the intersections between quantum technologies and society.

Quantum Meets Society #1: How does society understand and engage with quantum technology? (in Danish)

Wednesday April 26th at 08:30 am to 10:00 am.

In this first event of the series, Professor of Mathematics and Quantum Information Matthias Christiandl, and Professor of International Politics, Rebecca Adler-Nissen, will discuss the relation between society and international politics.

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Quantum Meets Society #2: How will quantum technology affect international politics and security? (in Danish)

Wednesday May 17th at 08:30 am to 10:00 am.

In a conversation between Professor of Chemistry, Gemma C. Solomon, and Professor of International Politics, Ole Wæver, the event seeks to explore the opportunities and challenges posed by quantum technologies. The event will focus especially on how these opportunities are related to international politics and international security.

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Quantum Meets Society #3: How can we govern and regulate quantum? (in English)

Wednesday June 7th at 08:30 am to 10:00 am.

At the final event, Professor of Quantum Optics, Klaus Mølmer, and Professor of International Law and Security, Kevin Jon Heller, will explore the opportunities and challenges when it comes to regulating Quantum in an international society.

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