Become a partner of DQC

We unite the Danish
quantum ecosystem

Become a partner of DQC

We unite the Danish
quantum ecosystem

Danish Quantum Community is committed to paving the way for the next quantum revolution by building quantum-awareness and quantum-readiness, improving conditions for research, innovation and industries, and illustrating the application potentials of quantum technology.

We believe that the next quantum leap will be enabled through collaboration and partnerships. With partners from world-leading research hubs at Danish universities, small and large companies, and industry associations, we are paving the way for the future of Danish quantum partnerships across sectors and academic subfields.

Become a member today to join our unique network of 35+ quantum stakeholders and gain access to knowledge-sharing with leading quantum stakeholders, partnership and project opportunities, quantum events and access to policymakers.

Why you should
join DQC as a partner

Be part of the next quantum revolution

Get involved in our mission to increase quantum-readiness in Denmark and leverage the potentials of quantum research and quantum businesses

Stay updated on the latest quantum insights 

Receive the latest news and insights from our community and get exclusive access to partner events and networking opportunities

Join a unique quantum network

Become a member of our community of stakeholders from all parts of Denmark’s quantum ecosystem to build new partnerships and synergies

Annual membership fees

Companies with 1-49 employees

5,000 DKK/year

Companies with 50-250 employees

20,000 DKK/year

Companies with 250+ employees

50,000 DKK/year

Universities and interest organizations

20,000 DKK/year

All membership fees are ex. VAT. The fee is paid annually and applies to the current calendar year. 

The annual membership fee is decided by the partners of DQC at our annual General Assembly. 

Partners of DQC are eligible for election to our Board of Directors and can vote at our annual General Assembly.

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