New Venture Call for quantum startups in life science applications

You can find more information about the Venture Call on the website of Deep Tech Lab – Quantum and in the guidelines here.

BioInnovation Institute and Deep Tech Lab – Quantum are expanding their quantum initiatives with a new Quantum Venture Call inviting quantum startups to join BII’s Venture Lab Program.

The program is for early-stage quantum startups working on life science applications and will provide participants with a one-year incubation at BII and DTL-Q along with a loan of 4 million DKK.

About the Quantum Venture Call

Venture Lab (Quantum Call) is a new support and funding opportunity from BII within the context of the Venture Lab program. In short, it is essentially BII’s Venture Lab for quantum and/or quantum-enabling technology-based start-ups that are addressing applications within Life Science, and all made possible because of the tight link to the Deep Tech Lab — Quantum (DTL-Q) initiative at BII. This way you get the best of both worlds — Life Science and Quantum Technologies — all under the same roof. The guidelines should therefore be read in this light: Venture Lab with a quantum twist.

Within Venture Lab (Quantum Call), the focus area is quantum, and the sub-categories are Quantum Computing/Simulation, Quantum Communication, and Quantum Sensing. However, you can still apply even though your project does not align with the specified sub-categories and/or is a quantum-enabling technology. Or even if it is quantum-inspired.

Want to learn more?

More details are available through the Deep Tech Lab – Quantum website and in the official Quantum Venture Call Guidelines here.

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