Launching our new website and visual identity

Taking inspiration from Bohr’s model of the atom

We are excited to announce that Danish Quantum Community has undergone a rebranding with a brand new visual identity and website to showcase all the activities happening in the Danish quantum ecosystem and through our activities.

With the legacy of quantum physics in Denmark, including the groundbreaking discoveries of Niels Bohr, our science and research communities have been the backbone of making Denmark a leader in quantum theory and quantum technology.

Our new logo honors this scientific legacy by referencing the Rutherford-Bohr atomic model that created the foundation for explaining quantum mechanics – and hence the foundation for where we are today with quantum technology.

See how this model was turned into our new logo below:

The new website and visual identity was designed by Studio Rune Olsen, an independent graphic designer based in Copenhagen. See more of Rune Olsen’s work here: Studio Rune Olsen, (

About Danish Quantum Community

Danish Quantum Community is an initiative to bring together all quantum stakeholders in Denmark with the purpose of building a unified ecosystem and strengthening Denmark’s efforts in quantum research and quantum technologies.

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