The European Commissions European Innovation Council (EIC) has selected Sparrow Quantum to receive equity and grant financing. This funding will be used to fully industrialize what is already considered to be the World’s best deterministic single-photon source in terms of photon coherence, purity, and efficiency. By making this state-of-the-art platform available to researchers and industry worldwide, the field of quantum photonics will be boosted, and progress will be accelerated.

In a press release from November 2021, Sparrow Quantum writes:

“European Commissions European Innovation Council (EIC) selects Sparrow Quantum to receive equity and grant financing 

The European investment will support the Sparrow Quantum’s breakthrough photonic quantum innovation technology. 

Copenhagen, Denmark: Sparrow Quantum today announced that EIC intends to invest in the company, using grant  and equity investment instruments.

The EIC Accelerator is a unique European funding instrument of the European Innovation Council that supports the  development and scaling-up of top-class innovations with the aim of bringing Europe to the forefront of new  technologies.

Niels Hersoug, CEO of Sparrow Quantum says: “It´s an honour for us to receive such a prestigious and sought-after  funding after a highly competitive and laborious selection process. I am excited now together with my team to be able to  scale-up our activities and pursue our mission to deliver the world’s best plug-and-play single photon source enabling all  the photonic quantum opportunities out there on the global market.

Peter Lodahl, founder and professor at the Niels Bohr Institute says: “I am pleased to see that the EIC now is paving  the way for commercializing my group’s single-photon technology resulting from many years of fundamental research on  deterministic nanophotonic quantum-dot source for it to be used in ground breaking commercial applications.

This funding will be used to fully industrialize what already is considered to be the World’s best deterministic single photon source in terms of photon coherence, purity, and efficiency and bring this to market as a fully plug-and play  instrument at telecom wavelengths.

Single-photons is a true enabling and a fundamental building block for the quantum revolution. A single-photon is a  qubit of its own right and can securely transport quantum information over large distances. Therefore, an  industrialized on-demand excellent quality deterministic source will be a true enabler of the second quantum  revolution, including quantum internet and quantum computing.

About Sparrow Quantum: Sparrow Quantum, funded in 2015 is a spin-off of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen  where the quantum theory was born. Immediately after – the company announced the World’s first commercially  available single-photon source.

The mission of Sparrow Quantum is to leverage the principles of quantum physics to deliver a quantum tool, a Qtool,  which will be the key building block of quantum technologies applications, spanning from quantum communication  and crypto systems, to quantum computing and simulations. These solutions will have immense impact on more  secure communications as well as on the development of efficient photonic quantum computers which could speed  up the discovery of new vaccines and the design of efficient carbon-capture molecules.