Danish Quantum Community hosted the 2023 General Assembly this week

On Wednesday June 21st, Danish Quantum Community hosted our annual General Assembly for all DQC partners and members. The General Assembly took place at DTU thanks to DTU Physics and DTU Quantum who were our hosts for the day.

This General Assembly also marked one of the first times we gathered all DQC partners and members – and it was great to see the support from the Danish quantum ecosystem with more than 50 attendees at the GA from academia, industry, business organizations and more. The DQC Chairmanship thanks everyone for the support since DQC was founded in 2021.


DQC has a new Board of Directors for 2023/2024

The DQC Articles of Association state that members of the BoD are elected for a two-year period and that every year, half of the seats in the BoD must be up for election at the General Assembly. Thus, six seats in the BoD were up for election at this year’s General Assembly.

The following persons were elected for the Board of Directors:

  • Andreas Espersen, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)
  • Bent Dalager, KPMG
  • Cathal J. Mahon, Deep Tech Lab / Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • Charlotte Mark, Microsoft Development Center
  • Jan B. Lillelund, IBM
  • Jan W. Thomsen, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

A big congratulations on the election to the two new members, Andreas Espersen and Cathal Mahon, and congratuations on the re-election to the rest.

Further, the following members of the BoD were automatically reelected to the BoD cf. the AoA:

  • Basil Garabet, NKT Photonics
  • Jørgen Ellegard Andersen, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Natasha Friis Saxberg, IT-Branchen
  • Niels Gregersen, DTU Electro
  • Nikolaj Thomas Zinner, Aarhus University
  • Ulrich Busk Hoff, DTU Physics


Constitution of the new Board of Directors

After the election of new members to the DQC BoD, the new Board of Directors convened for the constitution of the chairmanship. The board has re-elected Jan W. Thomsen as the chair of DQC and Natasha Friis Saxberg as the vicechair of DQC.