The Danish Government just presented Denmark’s Finance Act proposal for 2024.

With the Finance Act, Denmark allocates 200 million DKK every year in 2024-2027 to implement the National Quantum Strategy. This includes:

🔎 200 million DKK yearly for part 1 of the national strategy to strengthen quantum innovation and research from basic research to applied research.
💼 50 million DKK yearly for part 2 of the national strategy to leverage the development and commercialization of quantum technologies.

Read the entire proposal here: Fremtidssikring af Danmark – finanslovforslaget 2024 (


Danish Quantum Community welcomes the government’s long-term investments

“We applaud the government’s commitment to advancing quantum technology. For Denmark to remain a world-renowned quantum hub, it is crucial that we continue long-term investments in developing quantum technology, and that we focus on the entire quantum ecosystem – from academia to companies and future end-users.” – Jan Westenkær Thomsen, Chair of Danish Quantum Community


Denmark’s national quantum strategy

The funds are allocated to the implementation of Denmark’s national quantum strategy.

Part 1 of the strategy was publised in June and set out a strategic vision for strenghtening quantum research and innovation in Denmark from basic research to applied research. You can read an overview of part 1 here: DQC Explainer

Part 2 of the strategy will be published in September 2023.